Colorado Meet 2019 (May)

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So we're organizing a meet in northern Colorado (Still kind of fluid, think Denver area), during the last two weeks of may.

Activities so far include laser tag, escape room, multiple cross-country roadtrips (enroute/leaving), Day-Trip to Woody Creek, Possibly white water rafting.

There are greater than 10 confirmed /in's already, and over 20 individuals who have showed interest in at a minimum discussing the particulars of the meet with those going to help iron out plans.

If you haven't seen any information about this in other locations, or heard it mentioned, feel free to let me know here (or in PMs) of your interest, and I can get you involved in the planning process.

If you're new to the site, or nobody knows you (hiddenalts?), then you might have a harder time getting involved, but if you've been here awhile and just haven't seen talk of the meet yet, this post is to let you know that THIS EXISTS if you are intersted.

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To note, Woody Creek is just outside Aspen
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