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hi all !
there is a group called liars club, and they are having a Video Mafia tournament (for moneys!) hosted on twitch.
it is too late to join the tournament but we will be streaming tonight at 8:50pm eastern american time.
its a really interesting format and i thought i would share a link here (admin if this is not ok feel free to delete this thread)

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I personally think it is kind of a dumb setup.

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For those curious, the Mafiascum players in Liars Club are myself, Peg, LLD, and Elli.

Hungarian is specifically good as a spectator setup with time pressure. It does create more situations where a specific player isn't able to exert too much influence on the gamestate; they're choosing it because Hungarian spawns a HUGE variety of different gamestates that players can't always "solve" in the short time allotted to them. So it makes the league less competitive than something like Scumhunter's 8p, but at least the theory is that it's more watchable, and obviously the whole point of this is to try and get eyeballs.
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