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Post Post #0  (ISO)  » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:59 pm

from a sitechat conversation
pls dont clog sitechat
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Post Post #1  (ISO)  » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:00 pm

micro + open queue = advanced queue
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Post Post #2  (ISO)  » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:00 pm

maybe also normal
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Post Post #3  (ISO)  » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:02 pm

i was asked to do this
Spoiler: sitechat convo
Frozen Angel (1:54:31)
we can have a queue
Frozen Angel (1:54:37)
just for the new types of games
chamber (1:54:38)
That isn't the answer
Invisibility (1:54:40)
"experiment queue"
chamber (1:54:42)
we have too many queues if anything
Frozen Angel (1:54:42)
all of them together
Cheetory6 (1:54:43)
too many queues === more dead queues
Frozen Angel (1:54:48)
Invisibility (1:54:51)
combine all queues
Frozen Angel (1:54:54)
we need to kill the dead queus
Invisibility (1:54:54)
listmods are now a group
Frozen Angel (1:54:57)
and combine them
Frozen Angel (1:54:58)
Invisibility (1:55:7)
why do we need 50 million queue threads
Frozen Angel (1:55:7)
micro games are nearly all dead
Frozen Angel (1:55:14)
I felt that about open games
Frozen Angel (1:55:18)
and normal games too
chamber (1:55:41)
opens have some of the most running games atm
Invisibility (1:55:43)
1 queue for "advanced" games, one queue for newbie games, large theme games, and the theme games' own queues
chamber (1:55:44)
I counted earlier
chamber (1:55:48)
mini theme is the most by a lot
chamber (1:55:57)
then opens and newbies if my memory isn't failing me
Frozen Angel (1:56:11)
we can adopt the micro queue
Frozen Angel (1:56:22)
to micro or not traditional mafia
Frozen Angel (1:56:34)
and include blitz and new concepts in it
Invisibility (1:56:40)
normal queue, open, and micro queue can at least be combined into advanced queue
Frozen Angel (1:56:52)
normal queue
Frozen Angel (1:56:58)
can't be combined in to anything
Frozen Angel (1:56:59)
Invisibility (1:57:3)
why's that?
implosion (1:57:6)
watching ominously
Frozen Angel (1:57:8)
cause it
Frozen Angel (1:57:11)
Cheetory6 (1:57:14)
fire implosion
Frozen Angel (1:57:22)
a type of game made by a set of standards
Frozen Angel (1:57:26)
that are defined on ms
Invisibility (1:57:31)
oh ok
Frozen Angel (1:57:32)
its a unique type of game
Frozen Angel (1:57:39)
you get what I mean
Frozen Angel (1:57:52)
like the queue is wanted or its not wanted
Frozen Angel (1:58:1)
it can be in mini and large games too
Frozen Angel (1:58:11)
if its disbanded
Frozen Angel (1:58:15)
but its not combinable
Frozen Angel (1:58:19)
with anything
Invisibility (1:58:35)
why does the large theme game queue have its own thread?
Frozen Angel (1:58:48)
open games is a concept that I don't get
Frozen Angel (1:58:58)
since mini theme and large theme
Frozen Angel (1:59:5)
and normal games can have opens too
Frozen Angel (1:59:10)
and opens can be micro
Annadog40 (1:59:11)
maybe a site ideas sthread would work well
Frozen Angel (1:59:17)
its just an extra queue atm
Annadog40 (1:59:18)
so that it doesn't get lost in site chat
Frozen Angel (1:59:21)
which is why it's dead
Invisibility (1:59:21)
Invisibility (1:59:26)
wait nvm
Frozen Angel (1:59:29)
or makes me feel like that
Frozen Angel (1:59:35)
or it's killing other queues
Invisibility (1:59:54)
making thread
Invisibility (2:0:2)
Annadog40 (2:0:12)
Annadog40 (2:0:17)
no need t preven clogging
Frozen Angel (2:0:26)
can someone copy paste stuff I said
Annadog40 (2:0:26)
just so it doesn't get swept away
Frozen Angel (2:0:27)
vonflare (2:0:29)
clogs are pretty bad as far as shoes go
Invisibility (2:0:31)
Frozen Angel (2:0:32)
I'm on phone
Frozen Angel (2:0:37)
implosion (2:0:37)
this is fine for sitechat
Invisibility (2:0:39)
Frozen Angel (2:0:50)
but yeah
Frozen Angel (2:1:4)
MU way of queueing is way simpler
Frozen Angel (2:1:13)
they have one general queue list for all type of games
Frozen Angel (2:1:23)
mods will submit their games in one thread
Frozen Angel (2:1:33)
listmods there agree or disagree
Frozen Angel (2:1:41)
then there are two categories
Frozen Angel (2:1:45)
manual and automated
Frozen Angel (2:1:54)
automated for the games that are ran by their bot
Frozen Angel (2:2:0)
and manual for all other games
Frozen Angel (2:2:21)
its a messy but then they archive them in different categories when the games are done
Frozen Angel (2:2:42)
and the games when they are signing up are marked
Frozen Angel (2:2:48)
large games are called mash there
Invisibility (2:2:55)
Frozen Angel (2:3:11)
and there are micro games for less than 13 players
Frozen Angel (2:3:19)
and the rest are just normal games
Frozen Angel (2:3:31)
they also label games as bastard and non-traditional
chamber (2:3:38)
fewer queues is a product of a smaller site
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Post Post #4  (ISO)  » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:46 pm

lol thanks invis
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Post Post #5  (ISO)  » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:43 pm

I think the division is good tbh. I think the lack of queue activity is due to general sire decay plus personal preferences. I have very specific tastes when it comes to Opens, and don’t really care for normals unless either I like the mod or the playerlist. Micros I just for some reasondon’t like most of what’s I see there, kinda like Opens but more “eh don’t care” than “I actually don’t want to play this setup”. Themes are great but sometimes I feel scared by a theme game that I am not well versed in the source material for.
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