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Hey so I do most of my browsing on mobile these days. Note 5, Android, Chrome Browser. I use the desktop version (mafSepia), not the mobile skin.

Lately I noticed when I click on the "view your posts" link, the page will seem to load quickly and within maybe 1 second of loading I can scroll or quickly click a topic link. But after the 1st second, the page will hang for a solid 3 count where I can't scroll or click anything. It happens on other pages as well but the hang up is shorter. But it's just getting a bit annoying dealing with the frequent pauses not to mention if it lags mid scroll, it will jump to a different spot when it comes back and sometimes select a link I wasn't intended to press on and then I have to hit the back button and deal with it all over again.

Any idea why this might have started happening for me? it's something that started happening recently. And checking on desktop, everything loads instantly with no hangs so just a mobile issue.

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