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Game moderators are now required to ask a Listmod for permission to modkill players. A game moderator who modkills without getting permission from a Listmod will suffer consequences such as reduction of moderating experience, requirement of a co-mod, ban from moderation. Exceptions such as when a modkill is an explicit part of a game's mechanics, such as mafia games with strict post restrictions, will be allowed provided it is a theme game and players are informed before signing up. There are, of course, clear cases when a slot has been compromised (such as a player posting their role PM). In these cases, even though a modkill is clearly warranted, the game mod will still need to get permission. In these cases, Listmod action (game bans etc.) will happen concurrently with the modkill. The types of offenses that require a modkill almost always result in bans, so this will remove some delay between action and consequences.

In almost all cases, a force-replacement (which does not require Listmod permission) is the best course of action when a player needs to be removed from a game. Modkills are a tool of last resort to only be used in the case of a slot being compromised. This is the only way in which they are to be used.
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