2020 Scummies Finalists

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Hello everyone! It's time to announce the finalists for the 2020 season of the Scummies.


Moment of Brilliance
mastina for her performance in TM2020 Mini Theme.
Infinity 324 for his performance in Micro 983: The Council: Student Council Edition.
Casey and innocentvillager for their performance in Open 788: Crossfire.
Xenoblade 2 Town for their performance in Xenoblade 2 Mafia.
Iconeum for his performance in Smuggler's Port.
Haschel Cedricson for their performance in Among Us Mafia.

Master Strategist
zMuffinMan for his performance in Illict Substances Mafia.
Ydrasse for her performance in PookyTheMagicalBear v Flavor Leaf.
PlusJoyed for his performance in Mini Normal 2183: Innocent Things.
Insanoflex for his performance in Mini Normal 2183: Innocent Things.

Don Corleone

skitter30 and The Limit Does Not Exist (lilith2013 + Something_Smart) for their performance in Mini 2136: City That Never Sleeps.
Farkran and Chara for their performance in Undertale S Open.
Alduskel and PookyTheMagicalBear for their performance in Micro 952: The Coalition: ItGBSMoD.
Hoopla, Something_Smart, and Smoke and Mirrors (Nancy Drew 39 + PookyTheMagicalBear) for their performance in Open 798: PYPX/Y+I/M.

The Modfather
The Baker

Rube Goldberg
Hectic for Silent Star 2: Menagerie.

Mad Scientist
Professor Moriarty (Something_Smart + the worst) for the Versus Series.
lilith2013 for her Mini Theme 2164: Betrayal Mafia.
Kanna for her Trust Fall setup.
Jingle for his Nightmare mechanic.

Paperback Writer
Dannflor for his Open 774: Purgatory.
Boonskiies for their BoonieToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me.
Isis for her Undertale S Open.
SirCakez for his Jigsaw's Revenge.
Hectic for his Micro 947: Comet 1: Kill Switch.

Rising Star

White Knight
Klick for their play in BooneyToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me.
Churros for their play in Doubles Mafia.
TheGoldenParadox for his play in Bad Idea Mafia III: Still Bad, Less Broken.
Wooper for his play in Open 774: Purgatory.
Insanoflex for his play in Mini Normal 2183: Innocent Things.

Hannibal Lecter
Auro for his play in BooneyToonz UPick: Boon There, Done That.
Innocent Villager, the worst, Titus, and Ythan for their performance in Open 786: Dream Mafia.

Kodak Moment
Noraa, PookyTheMagicalBear, Bell, MURDERCAT, and Fidget for the wild events of Death Curse.
Nahdia and beeboy for their their stunning sacrifice in Mini Theme 2155: SIN: This Impurity must be Cleansed.
Alonzo and bob3141 for their incredible comeback in Mini Normal 2169: Random Facts.
Ydrasse and Boonskiies for their funny dayvig interaction in BooneyToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me.

Game of the Year
Death Curse
Mainstream Mafia II
A warlock, a werewolf, and a vampire...
PookyTheMagicalBear v Flavor Leaf
Illicit Substances

Post of the Year
xRECKONERx for this post.
xRECKONERx for This Sunny Infopost.
Datisi, Untrod Tripod, and other unnammed site staff for their posts in the Stop Getting Banned thread surrounding shellyc.
Bingle for this infographic.

Community Contributor
Datisi for his various Scummies Banners designs.
caledfwitch for their contribution to the new site logo.
Errantparabola for her Mafiascum Member of the Month thread.
Song Contest for their work in running song contest.
T-Bone for his various contributions to the wiki, open setups, and marathon weekends.

Please remember that Game of the Year and Post of the Year are PUBLIC votes. We will edit this post with the form links soon. We will post an update when we do.

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Post Post #1  (ISO)  » Mon Mar 15, 2021 8:20 pm

We would like to note a correction made to the above post.

The nomination for the scumteam in Open 798: PYPX/Y+I/M in the Goodfellas category listed Hoopla, Something_Smart, and PookyTheMagicalBear as nominated for the award. This was incorrect as PookyTheMagicalBear was a part of a hydra in that game. This has been rectified, and the Smoke and Mirrors hydra which consisted of Nancy Drew 39 and PookyTheMagicalBear is now listed as nominated in that category.

This award fell into a subset which was not heavily reviewed by the committee as the number of nominations meant all eligible nominations were automatic finalists. This is not an excuse, however, and we will be more thorough in the future in order to ensure these issues do not occur.

Thank you to everyone who brought this to our attention!
We appreciate your work in keeping us accountable and in ensuring things are done properly.

- The Scummies Steering Committee

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Post Post #2  (ISO)  » Sat Mar 27, 2021 7:27 am

The User Poll for GotY and PotY is here!!!

Please have your votes in by April 2nd!

We can't get writing until it is decided, so the deadline is firm.

Thanks, and Happy Voting!

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