Micro 926 Donnie Brasco Mafia - Game Over!

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In post 445, Pink Ball wrote:
In post 117, MariaR wrote:Although, Ali is having a huge overblown reaction to...nothing? Prob would vote that

Maria was this like a signal, on purpose? 'Cause as soon as you posted this I assumed Ali was scum but maybe it was a coincidence

This was 100% a signal but I didn't expect us to vote it that early
I bet Maria is scum this game~Firebringer Na Maria isn't towny enough to be scum this game~Charloux
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absolutely incredible scum PT

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In post 115, MariaR wrote:God I was just thinking how stressful this would be if this pt had like Pink ball or Not_Mafia in it. I suddenly feel a lot more grateful.

That would've been HILARIOUS
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