2020 Scummies and Mashies Ceremony!

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*discord ringtone*

xof: Man, Ari, how are we going to do the Scummies Ceremony this year? Travel restrictions make our usual settings out, and they’re still cleaning up from the Tiger Fiasco of last year.

Ari: I wish I knew. It’s such an important site event and not having it just seems wrong. But we’ve tried everything to get everybody together or even most people together. It’s just not working well.

xof: Okay okay, what if.. Just you and I did something?

Ari: Hmmm... You do know the Mish Mash side, and I know the mafia one pretty well, why not!

xof: We can call it Scummies At Home! Just start recording from here, and just present this and hope for the best?

Ari: Oh, yes! That’ll work so great. Let’s do it!

*10 minutes of scrambling around for various props and costumes ensue before Ari and xof make it back to their screens*

xof: Okay! Hi Mafiascum! Welcome to The Scummies! We’re going to be doing this a little different this year. We’re only going to have two presenters, and we’re going to get through this pretty fast. But none of this would be possible without all of you who play and run games on this site, so this is really for and thanks to you. Without further ado, I’d like to present my co-host this evening, the incomparable Aristophanes! He’s really been the energy and force behind the last bit of scummies here, and we wouldn’t be even remotely organized without him.

Ari: Awwww. My lovely cohost this evening is xofelf and they are all things Mish Mash and Large Social. And together, we will tell you all about the bests we had this year. With that, let’s have our first award of the evening.

*both Ari and xof pull out tophats and monocles and put them on*

xof: Does this costume make sense for the award we’re about to present?

Ari: No! But that’s besides the point. Much like our moment of brilliance just now, it’s time to talk about the nominees for the Moment of Brilliance award, and they are:
mastina for her performance in TM2020 Mini Theme.
Infinity 324 for her performance in Micro 983: The Council: Student Council Edition.
Casey and innocentvillager for their performance in Open 788: Crossfire.
Xenoblade 2 Town for their performance in Xenoblade 2 Mafia.
Iconeum for his performance in Smuggler's Port.
and Haschel Cedricson for his performance in Among Us Mafia.

I can’t wait to see who won.

*Ari and xof start tapping their tables for a drum roll*

xof: And the winner is...

Iconeum for Smuggler’s Port!

Well done! I’m real sorry to say, I don’t have a good joke or gimmick for this next one, but know that these nominees are just really good at their jobs. One might say they’re true Paragons. And the nominees are: Hectic, MURDERCAT, Cabd, and skitter30

*Ari and xof drum their tables again, but this time making a face like they realized doing this for every award is going to hurt their fingers but they’re committed now*

Ari: This was a very close award, nearly coming to a tie, but the winner is....


Good job! Now it is time for our first musical break. It may also be our only musical break, who knows!

*All-Stars by Smashmouth starts playing while the tophats and monocles disappear*

Ari: *in an undertone* is this really how you want to present this award?

xof: *not in an undertone* Yes! Yes I do!

*They smile really big before continuing on*

xof: This award is filled with people who have contributed great things whether it’s performances or simply their presence in games, we love having them in Mish Mash and Large Social Games and if any award was town, it’s this one. The nominees for this year are: OhGodMyLife, Skelda, kloud1516, and CreativeMod1.

*drum roll again, but with slight nose wrinkles*

Ari: And the winner is.....

OhGodMyLife! You deserve it :)

*Ari pulls out a pile of games including Chess, Go, and Risk*

Ari: If I had the nominees from our next category here, these would all be super easy. But alas, I am not the Master Strategist they are. And our nominees are:
zMuffinMan for his performance in Illict Substances Mafia.
Ydrasse for her performance in PookyTheMagicalBear v Flavor Leaf.
PlusJoyed for his performance in Mini Normal 2183: Innocent Things.
and Insanoflex for his performance in Mini Normal 2183: Innocent Things.

*this time xof pulls out some pens to do this drum roll with*

xof: And the winner is...


Very smart, very clever, well done. Hey Ari, I have an offer for you.

Ari: Is it one I can’t refuse?

xof: What? No. What kind of offer is that? I was just going to offer to read off these next nominees for the Don Corleone award. *mutters* an offer he can’t refuse, I'm not scum, gosh. *normal volume* And the nominees are… Ari is this right? It just says Hectic?

Ari: Yup, you definitely picked the hardest one to help out on XD
Anyways, the tension is killing me! Let’s do this!

*Ari has joined in on using pens for drumsticks*

Ari: And the winner is...

Hectic! Well done on being so villainous!
So xof, I know you said you’re not scum, but like, what if... we were together?

xof: Oh! I love being scum, it’s just a rarity, and I’d love to be in a team with you. But I think these people are a bunch of Goodfellas, and would be much better than us. And the nominees are:
skitter30 and The Limit Does Not Exist (lilith2013 + Something_Smart) for their performance in Mini 2136: City That Never Sleeps.
Farkran and Chara for their performance in Undertale S Open.
Alduskel and PookyTheMagicalBear for their performance in Micro 952: The Coalition: ItGBSMoD.
and Hoopla, Something_Smart, and Smoke and Mirrors (Nancy Drew 39 + PookyTheMagicalBear) for their performance in Open 798: PYPX/Y+I/M.


Ari: And the winners are...

Farkran and Chara! It feels very appropriate that an Undertale character wins for their Undertale performance.

So far we’ve done a lot of talking about the players in games, maybe we should switch it up and talk about some mods! And what better way to do that than to present the Modfather nominees. And they are: Hectic, FakeGod, The Baker, and Boonskiies

*during this drumroll, xof misjudges how hard they are hitting with the pen and accidentally throws one across the room and sheepishly has to go and get it*

xof: And the winner is....

*they look down at their cue card*

xof: Seriously? Again? Hectic wins this one. Ah well, I’m sure we won’t see him again right?
But since we’re talking about mods, let’s talk about the mods for Large Social Games. As you know, every LSG that completes during the year is eligible for this award since there are so few of them and this year we had a lot of mods run multiple games, which we appreciate them doing. But without further ado, our nominees are:
PrivateI, CheeryDog, and D3f3nd3r's Survivor: The Real Theme Was Inside Us All Along
Malkon05, Ariel, and panthaleon's Hybrid: Hunger Games
xofelf, CreativeMod1, Malkon05, BrighteningSkies's Survivor: Power vs. Courage vs. Wisdom
Haschel Cedricson, CreativeMod1, and DeasVail's Survivor PD
zoraster and PrivateI's Survivor: Know Your Enemies
Haschel Cedricson and Malkon05's Survivor: Flash Mob

*to avoid further pen incident, xof is now tapping using their palms on their table*

Ari: And the winner is....

Survivor PD! Good job on the game, you did well.

*xof pulls out a game of Mousetrap with a shrug while Ari pulls out some dominos*

Ari: Yeah, so look, neither xof or I can actually build one of these things, the setups are so intricate and involved and take a ton of time. So pretend we built something cool here, and instead let’s look at the cool things people did build this year. The nominees for Rube Goldberg are...goddamnit!

The nominee* is: Hectic for Silent Star 2: Menagerie.

*with much hesitancy, xof picks up pens again and much more carefully does a drum roll*

xof: And the winner is....

*xof glares at their cue card*

xof: I guess I was wrong, we would see him yet again, it’s Hectic again.

*xof slips on a labcoat*

xof: Hey Ari, you know how much we both like really freaking love science?

Ari: Yes! Science is super cool!

xof: Great! Well this next award... isn’t really anything like that, but if you break it down, science is all about mechanics anyways and we love our own Mad Scientists who build such great mechanics. The nominees are:
Professor Moriarty (Something_Smart + the worst) for the Versus Series.
lilith2013 for her Mini Theme 2164: Betrayal Mafia.
Kanna for her Trust Fall setup.
and Jingle for his Nightmare mechanic.

*Ari hits his table so hard he actually breaks the pen he was drumming with*

Ari: And the winner is...

Kanna! Really cool stuff.

*both Ari and xof gesture to the many piles of books they have just hanging out around their house*

Ari: One of the coolest things a lot of mods manage to do is create stories with their games, and write such wonderful flavour.

xof: It’s one of the reasons I keep playing themed games, I love good flavour. Most LSGs have tons of flavour built in too. This year’s Paperback Writer nominees are:
Dannflor for his Open 774: Purgatory.
Boonskiies for their BoonieToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me.
Isis for her Undertale S Open.
SirCakez for his Jigsaw's Revenge.
and Hectic for his Micro 947: Comet 1: Kill Switch.

*Ari has switched to a spare set of chopsticks to drumroll this time*

Ari: And the winner is...

Isis! Congratulations!

Every year there’s always some people who shine the brightest and the hottest, and this year is no exception. The nominees for Rising Star are: Hectic, Ydrasse, Noraa, DkKoba, and Kanna.

*A drumroll with no mishaps*

xof: And the winner is...

*xof throws their cue cards up in the air*

xof: Man, y’all let Hectic win 4 things. I know he’s great but come on. Anyways, we have a similar sort of thing over in Mish Mashland where we honour our best newbies of the year. We don’t mean newbies to the site, but rather new to playing Mish Mash frequently, or more so new to LSGs.This year's nominees are: het, Pine, tris, and Farren

*a very enthusiastic drumroll ensues*

Ari: And the winner is...

tris! Making FTC in 3 of the LSGs you played this year is amazing, you’ve earned this.

Sometimes people can’t continue to play the games that they started, and someone else comes to take their spot. That job is always a hard one, but some people do it particularly well. The nominees for White Knight are:
Klick for their play in BooneyToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me.
Churros for their play in Doubles Mafia.
TheGoldenParadox for his play in Bad Idea Mafia III: Still Bad, Less Broken.
Wooper for his play in Open 774: Purgatory.
and Insanoflex for his play in Mini Normal 2183: Innocent Things.

*xof instead does a slowclap for something different*

xof: And the winner is...

Churros! Good work.
Oo, now we’re at my favourite alignment in games.

Ari: You like 3rd party?

xof: Yeah! When done well, they’re a lot of fun and some roles are just be silly and you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do. And I like that. They’re hard to pull off well, and should be commended for doing so. This years Hannibal Lecter nominees are:
Auro for his play in BooneyToonz UPick: Boon There, Done That.
and Innocent Villager, the worst, Titus, and Ythan for their performance in Open 786: Dream Mafia.

*xof goes back to the drumroll as the slowclap was just weird and confusing the last time*

Ari: And the winner is...

Auro! Well done.

*Ari and xof put on cameras on straps*

Ari: These next few awards about those moments in games that are incredibly iconic and worth putting a spotlight on them. For Kodak Moment, the nominees are: Noraa, PookyTheMagicalBear, Bell, MURDERCAT, and Fidget for the wild events of Death Curse.
Nahdia and beeboy for their their stunning sacrifice in Mini Theme 2155: SIN: This Impurity must be Cleansed.
Alonzo and bob3141 for their incredible comeback in Mini Normal 2169: Random Facts.
and Ydrasse and Boonskiies for their funny dayvig interaction in BooneyToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me.


xof: And the winners are...

Noraa, PookyTheMagicalBear, Bell, MURDERCAT, and Fidget! Fantastic, good teamwork.
This is the first time we’ve given out a similar award for Mish Mash moments. The nominees for Mashterstroke are:
Aronis’s Funeral Tribute for Quentin in Survivor: PD
CaptainMeme’s comic explanation in Curse of the Rata Mall:
kloud1516 for his item usage as Urbosa at the end of Power v Courage v Wisdom
Ariel, Talitha, Rubberduck, Porochaz, Primate, and Groza529 for their endgame of Curse of The Rata Mall
Awoo for his vacation bot in Survivor Know Your Enemies

xRECKONERx for being given items and voting the person out who gave them to him, not once, but twice in Power v Courage v Wisdom
and tris for her Firemaking Posts, which she is still making every so often, in Survivor Know Your Enemies

*very enthusiastic drumroll*

Ari: And the winner is....

Awoo! Great moment, well deserved!
We’re now at that part where we announce the winners of the public polls, and first up is Game of The Year. The nominees are:
Death Curse
Mainstream Mafia II
A warlock, a werewolf, and a vampire...
PookyTheMagicalBear v Flavor Leaf
and Illicit Substances


xof: And the winner is...

Death Curse! Well done.
This wasn’t a public poll, but it’s still Mish Mash’s game of the year, and the true Mashterminds among us. The nominees are:
Simvivor 2.1
The Curse of the Rata Mall
MafiaScum Idol
Haunted Mansion

*a much longer drumroll than previous*

Ari: This one was very very close, but the winner is...

The Curse of the Rata Mall! Fantastic work! Now the second public poll for Post of the Year. And the nominees are:
xRECKONERx for this post.
xRECKONERx for This Sunny Infopost.
Datisi, Untrod Tripod, and other unnammed site staff for their posts in the Stop Getting Banned thread surrounding shellyc.
Bingle for this infographic.


xof: And the winner is...

xRECKONERx! What would we do without Sunny?
Speaking of people you can count on, we would be nowhere without these people who do so much contributing to the community and making it as good as it is. And the nominees are:
Datisi for his various Scummies Banners designs.
caledfwitch for their contribution to the new site logo.
Errantparabola for her Mafiascum Member of the Month thread.
Song Contest for their work in running song contest.
T-Bone for his various contributions to the wiki, open setups, and marathon weekends.

*final thunderous drumroll*

Ari: And the winner is...

T-Bone! You do the wiki and marathons proud. And that’s all we have for you tonight folks. Hope you all had a good time, and we’ll catch you in a more timely fashion next year!

xof: Thank you for having us. And thank you for all of your nominations throughout the year, and all the games you play and run. Don’t forget to keep nominating and if you can, volunteering to help with the judging parts of this. We couldn’t do this without all your work. See you around!

*recording ends*

Ari: We actually did it. My fingers feel like they’re going to fall off, why’d we do a drumroll the whole time?

xof: It seemed like a good idea at the time! Hopefully next year we’ll actually have volunteers to write rather than you and I pulling out something we wrote in like 3 hours.

Ari: Yeah. But small and fun is probably the way to go.

xof: Yeah. Let’s get to planning next year!

Ari: Absolutely!
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Congratulations to all the winners!
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Good job everybody!
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Honestly, we joked about it in this ceremony but the SSC did a lot of work getting this together and it would be unfair to them to claim that xof and I did all of the work here. I also thank you all forbearing with us this year! It's been a rough time but we didn't want these to go unfinished. Next year we're hoping to keep to a more reasonable schedule :)

And CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!
other than Hectic
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congrats for all the winners and thanks to the whole SSC for organizing such a huge event
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I would like to thank my wonderful comods DeasVail and CreativeMod1 for helping run Survivor PD with me. It wasn't the fanciest game MS has ever had, but I'm proud of how polished it was and how smoothly we worked as a team. Of all the LSGs I've run, it is certainly the one of which I am most proud.

This award goes to the moderators, but I can't emphasize enough how much the fantastic cast contributed to the quality of the game. You were all fantastic, and it was truly an honor to share the journey with you.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to Klick and Bellaphant for coming up with the idea in the first place and graciously allowing me to continue developing the game without them. I am grateful to both of you for allowing that, and you two did enough set-up designwork that the final product still has your fingerprints on it.

In conclusion, I am glad the community appreciated our game, and we look forward to sharing more games with the community in the future. Thank you.
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Congrats to all the winners!

Thanks to all the volunteers for making this such a special event yet again! :]

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In post 0, Scummies wrote:but the winner is....


I would like to dedicate this win to Pooky :D

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for all the work that went into this!

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congrats to the winners and thank you to all of the scummies steering committee and especially zoffy!!!
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Oh fun! Congrats everyone.

*twirls hair*
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congratulations to all the winners! <3

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I love the writing that goes along with this! Very nicely done and congrats as well, winners

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I always believed in you MurderCatto!!!! !! <3

Miss you carrying me around.

Congrats to everyone!

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good job to all the winners!
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Nice ceremony! Congrats to the winners!

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In post 13, tris wrote:cool!

good job to all the winners!

FUCK YES to Farkran and Chara win!!!

Haven't played a ton that I remember in 2020 but that was definitely the most fun I've had getting my ass handed to me. I thought they had fantastic synergy, for one - good scum teams have a bully who go out and get mislynches (Farkran) and someone who is above the fray and hangs out for endgame (Chara) and they played their roles beautifully.

I've always relished making townies feel completely devoid of hope whenever they realize that I am scum and there's nothing they can do about it but that script got flipped in Undertale - I love fighting losing battles and the battle that I fought there was so completely hopeless I'm basically an automatic /in for all Undertale games for the sentimental value alone.

Kudos, well deserved.
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congratulations to everyone, and thank you for getting the ceremony together! :>
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Post Post #17  (ISO)  » Sat May 08, 2021 2:33 pm

Farkran and Chara were so incredible
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Post Post #18  (ISO)  » Sun May 09, 2021 11:14 pm

Thanks. 2020 was a fun mafia year.
The rest of it, not so much for many.

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Post Post #19  (ISO)  » Mon May 10, 2021 4:47 pm

Congrats to the winners!

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Post Post #20  (ISO)  » Mon May 10, 2021 5:53 pm

In post 18, Bell wrote:Thanks. 2020 was a fun mafia year.
The rest of it, not so much for many.

Hey rude...Mish Mash was pretty fabulous too!!!

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Post Post #21  (ISO)  » Mon May 10, 2021 5:53 pm

Congrats to the winners!

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Post Post #22  (ISO)  » Wed May 12, 2021 5:42 pm

gratz to the winners
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Post Post #23  (ISO)  » Mon May 17, 2021 11:22 pm

I think Hectic set a new record for most awards in a single ceremony here
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Post Post #24  (ISO)  » Mon May 17, 2021 11:28 pm

In post 23, Gamma Emerald wrote:I think Hectic set a new record for most awards in a single ceremony here
It was a total of 5, which is fucking impressive!

I am in constant awe of the guy!
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