2019 Scummies Finalists

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Why hello, hello! Its only that time of year where we announce the finalists for the 2019 season of the Scummies! This weekend will be a very exciting weekend for everyone, because on the 16th, we will have a ceremony since 2016! I'm very excited for that, but without further ado, lets get into this year's finalists!


Moment of Brilliance
Skitter30, Saudade, and Creature for their performance in Jazz Mafia
Something_Smart, Katyusha, and RCEnimga for their performance in Everything is Completely Normal
Iconeum for his performance in Starcraft Mafia: Legacy of the void
Ethos for their performance in Reverse Jester Nightless!

Master Strategist
Insomnia for his gamewinning action in Greatest Idea VIII
northsidegal/Brown Eyes for her shots in RadiantCowbell's Undertale Mafia

Don Corleone
Flavor Leaf

The scumteam of Stellaris
The scumteam of Krazy's Anime uPick!
The scumteam of Starcraft Mafia
The scumteam of Gameshow Mafia
The scumteam of Fire on a Mountain

The Modfather

Rube Goldberg
Boonskiies for his BooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROW
Jingle for his Vengeful Ghosts
RadiantCowbells for his Undertale Mafia
northsidegal for her Newsroom Mafia
Schadd_ for his Mystery box of silver 4

Mad Scientist
RadiantCowbells for his Undertale Mafia
Something_Smart for his Undertale Semi-Open
Schadd_ for his Mystery Box of Silver
Jingle for his Vengeful Ghosts
Errantparabola for her Added to the Group Chat

Paperback Writer
Alisae for my Furret's Bizare Adventure
RadiantCowbells for his Undertale Mafia
popsofctown for her Undertale Semi-Open 1.1 - Snowdin Snowdown
Zaphkael for his Project ARCH
northsidegal for her Newsroom

Rising Star
Pink Ball

White Knight
Jingle for his play in BooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROW
northsidegal for her clutch save in Innocent Evil
Jjh927 for his play in Vengeful Ghosts
Slaxx for his play in Ballroom Blitz
Gobbledygook for Mini Normal 2095

Hannibal Lecter
xtoxm for his play in BooneyToonz X: Boonin’ It In The Slums
Creature for his play in Calendar Mafia

Kodak Moment
Dannflor, Gay Dance Gone Wrong, and Oversoul for not wanting to be in lylo in Baton Pass
Elsa Jay for their amazing play Non-Review Game
DrewVa, BrightEyedFish, and Profii for their moment in BooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROW
Flavor Leaf, Jabril, RCEngima for their moment in Pokemon Fusion uPick
The dead thread of Vengeful Ghosts

Game of the Year
Vengeful Ghosts
RadiantCowbell's Undertale Mafia
BooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROW
Starry Night
Any non-dead person can post in this game

Post of the Year
Enter for his Copypasta
Errantparabola for her Funny Picture
Formerfish for his Busboy Monologue

Community Contributor
Plotinus for modding newbie games and how to mod and setup a game
Alisae for my contributions towards the scummies
Irrelephant11 for creating the Open Monthly Challenges


Make sure to vote for who you want to win for Game of the Year, Post of the Year, and Speedrunners!
Also, feel free to head over to the new Scummies Nomination Thread and the new, revamped, Mashies Nomination Thread!
BTW, make sure you check out the Mashies Finalists for 2019 as well!

See you all on the 16th for a fantastic ceremony!
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I'm not authorized to vote for post of the year/game/speedrunner.
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we needed to get this stuff out on the 9th and we were having difficulties moving everything out of the scummies subforum
so I decided to just post everything myself to make sure it was out on time.

Now we have duplicate threads, with some threads in MD, some threads global'd

Some of the links in this OP might go to the scummies planning forum and since thats a hidden forum, you're not going to be able to see it.
All of the threads are in MD/mish mash while we deal with the issue
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