Listmod Application (9/27/21)

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Isis will be shifting over to take on the role of Discussion Moderator as this aligns with how she has helped fill in while we've been short on numbers, and so we'll need another list moderator.

We just took applications earlier this month, so if you sent in an application for that, you don't need to send in another one unless you want us to know anything that's changed. If you didn't apply before, please do so by filling out the following application and PMing it to me. Please make sure your response includes the questions in some manner.

As always, even though Isis currently has the Micro queue, our listmods are often willing to swap around to accommodate both applicant and their own preferences. So please list any queues you think you'd like, regardless of whether you think there's an opening (I should note that Large Theme tends to be one that is usually held by a prior mod).

Preliminary Application1. Which queues are you most interested in? It's fine if those queues are currently taken
2. Are there any queues you do not want to be considered for?
3. How would your approach differ from other listmods?
4. What is your typical weekly and yearly schedule look like? Other listmods can "cover" for VLA listmods, but overall the key to successful listmodding is consistent presence.
5. Why would you make a good listmod?
6. How many games have you modded?

Please keep in mind that if you're more interested in Discussion Moderator, we have a Rolling application process you can find here.

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