This subforum is for additional threads for ongoing Mish Mash games. If a game has multiple active threads at once, all but the first one should be made in this forum.
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As of as of 7/21/2013, games may only have one active thread in the main Mish Mash forum. This forum exists to house any additional threads that Mish Mash games might need. Mostly this means RPGs which are run over many different threads, but it applies to anything that you might want to do outside of a game's main thread. Rules regarding talking about ongoing games apply as normal - please do not create threads about games which you are not the mod of unless the mod has explicitly said you may do so.

It is advised that you tag your threads with a tag in [square brackets] so that they can be easily identified and sorted. For example, Harry Potter RPG thread titles all begin with [HPRPG].

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, etc., please read the Mish Mash Game List, then post them there or PM me as appropriate.
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