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I was debating with another user about this and decided to ask the public.

One of the most important rules on the site is that you play to your win condition, but what if alignments are fluid in the setup and you know this? Example: you're a townie in a cult game and are confident you know at least one member, but you refuse to push that read because you're almost positive that you'll be recruited the next night. Do you consider this gamethrowing, since it's playing against the wincon in your role? Or is it acceptable because you're still playing to win by supporting what you think is your eventual team? I'm not looking for arguments about how likely you are to actually be converted, because that makes it a matter of good/bad play, which isn't what I'm talking about here. Do you stick with your current alignment no matter what or do you take whatever path is best for endgame?

(I have an opinion on this but I'll wait to share it)
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