2017 Scummies and Mashies Ceremony

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Welcome to the 2017 Scummies and Mashies! This year, our 14 awards will be given out over the course of the next 5 days. Each award will have its own thread. The first post will have the finalists. The second post will be reserved for the announcement of the winner. The third will be reserved for the victory speech of the winner (which will be assumed to be the user's first post after the award's winner is announced and will simply be copied into that post). When the award is announced, the thread will be globally announced until right before the next awards are announced, at which point they will be moved back to the Scummies and Mashies forum.

You can find the dedicated forum here.

Schedule of Awards

Best Third Party
Best Setup
Best Mish Mash Game

Rising Star
Best Mechanic
Best Newbie in a Social/Mish Mash Game

Best Scum (Don Corleone)
Best Flavor (Paperback Writer)
Best Social Game

Kodak Moment
Best Moderator
Best Overall Mish Mash/Social Game Player

Game of the Year
Best Scumcatcher (Paragon)

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