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In role madness, outside-game communication is normally used to break the setup via the "everyone agree on a likely townie, fullclaim, and have that townie tell everyone what actions to take" strategy. Even if you're just picking a player to do the coordination at random, they're > 50% to be town, so town effectively have a > 50% chance of winning using this strategy, making it optimal. (Of course you also have to take into account that the coordination isn't enough to win the game, but also the possibility that town end up winning through dayplay and the coordination is irrelevant.)

I think something like this could work if the game is sufficiently vanilla to make claiming-in-secret not very useful, though. (It's a mechanic that I think would work best with a symmetrical Open, in which all town are identical, all scum are identical, and townsided mechanics and victory conditions are used to balance the setup despite the lack of power roles.)
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