Should the mod help players who misunderstand rules/roles?

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I normally pose a specific confirmation question – almost a quiz – that's designed to test the most potentially confusing parts of the player's role knowledge, so that I can get an indication as to whether the player is confused about their role. If they don't answer correctly, I explain via PM. This is what the confirmation process is for.

Additionally, if the potentially confusing mechanic is public, I tend to try to format the vote counts in such a way as to imply how it works. (For example, "The deadline can be extended" at the start of every deadline report, when using CFJ's Micro Deadlines.) That isn't moderator intervention because it's consistent from the start of the game and chosen before the first post is seen.

After confirmations have occurred, I don't intervene as moderator to correct misconceptions about roles, unless the player tries to take an impossible action or asks a question to me specifically.
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