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~~~Starcraft Mafia: 2~~~

Awaken, my child
and embrace the glory that is your birthright
know that I am the OVERMIND
the eternal will of the swarm
and you have been created to
serve me

Current Order of Players

  1. Shoshin the worst (the worst + Shoshin hydra)
  2. Mephistophanes 39 (Nancy Drew 39 and Aristophanes hydra)
  3. Varsoon
  4. Almost Chara (Almost50 + Chara Hydra)
  5. Michael Scott (Auro + Volxen Hydra)
  6. Kokichi Oma
  7. Firebringer Tibor and Lumia (brassherald and Gamma Emerald hydra)
  8. jjh927 nicorobin
  9. Mewtaph
  10. alchemist21
  11. ProFlavor (Flavor Leaf and profii hydra)
  12. u r a person 2
  13. pinturicchio
  14. Creature Taly

Spoiler: Living Players
  1. Varsoon
  2. Michael Scott (Auro + Volxen Hydra)
  3. Firebringer Tibor and Lumia (brassherald and Gamma Emerald hydra)
  4. Mewtaph
  5. alchemist21
  6. ProFlavor (Flavor Leaf and profii hydra)
  7. pinturicchio
  8. Creature Taly

jjh927 replaces NicoRobin
Creature replaces Taly
Firebringer replaces Tibor and Lumia

Mod links: Mathblade's Topic -- viewtopic.php?f=5&t=75213

Spoiler: VoteCount Settings
playerList=Shoshin the worst{Shoshin+Sho+the worst+the duck+tw+stw},Varsoon,Mephistophanes 39{Nancy Drew 39+Nancy+Ari+Aristophanes},Almost Chara{A50+Almost50+Chara+AC},Michael Scott{MS+Auro+Volxen},Kokichi Oma,Tibor and Lumia{Gamma Emerald+BrassHerald},NicoRobin,Mewtaph,Alchemist21,ProFlavor{Flavor Leaf+Profii},u r a person 2{person},pinturicchio{Pikachu},Taly
replacementList=NicoRobin:jjh927,Taly:Creature,Tibor and Lumia:Firebringer
deadline=(expired on 2019-02-18 14:22:09)[/area]
deadList=Shoshin the worst-1,Mephistophanes 39-1,Creature-2,Kokichi Oma-2,u r a person 2-2,Almost Chara-3,Firebringer-4
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  • Fourteen players square off in a game with flavor based on the Starcraft universe
  • There will be a mafia faction, they will have daytalk, and an optional discord server. There will be three mafia members
  • This is a confirmed single-ball game with no third party roles. The distribution of players will be 11 town vs 3 mafia
  • All anti-town players will have full fake PMs including flavor
  • 10 day day 1, 8 day dayphases after that, 2 day nights
  • This is not a bastard game. No cults, no mid-game alignment changes
  • Schadd_ and Mastina are backup moderators
  • There will be no Beloved Princess, Governor, Jester, Lyncher, Godfather, Fruit Vendor, Psychologist, Lightning Rod, Redirector, Witches, Arsonists, Serial Killers, Survivors, Lightning Rods, or Nexuses.
  • While this is not mountainous, there will be considerably less swing than in Starcraft: Mafia
  • There will be a role similar to a town-aligned vigilante in this game
  • This game will feature roles that interact with the order of players in the player list, but the primary emphasis will still be on day play and not night actions.

  1. skitter30
  2. Irrelephant11
  3. Elsa Jay
  4. Nauci
  5. Mitillos
  6. Teacher

Sample role PM:

Zerg ZerglingWelcome to Starcraft 2 Mafia!


You are a zerg zergling, a town zergling.

While you are very close to a vanilla town, during the night you can move up or down the player list up to two spots. This will resolve after all current night actions have gone through, except actions that might adjust your position.

You are a ground unit.

Win: You win when the three-man mafia team has been removed.

Game thread here:

Confirm: Please confirm by responding with your alignment and role name
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The Boilerplate Rules

important bit

  • Day one will be 10 days, 8 day dayphases after that
  • 48 hour night phase
  • Majority lynches
  • 48 hours before prod, 24 hours before replacement after prod
  • Scum have daytalk and fake role PMs including full flavor, they also will have access to a discord server if they want one
  • Mastina and Schadd_ are backup moderators

1. This game uses sitewide rules: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6470
1a. Do not private message other users about anything having to do with this game in any circumstance even/especially if you are dead/have replaced out/are spectating/etc. If you even think it might be a grey area, it is not a grey area, it is not ok. This includes informal conversations on discord. Do not refer indirectly to game events in this game until the game is complete, including in signatures, signup threads, or anywhere else. Do not refer to statements made in this game in this game in other games.
2. Did you know that discussion of ongoing mafia games is not allowed? -- viewtopic.php?f=4&t=30908
2a. Did you think there was an exception to 2? Nope, there isn't. There's no grey area. If the game is ongoing, IT DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS THREAD. Likewise, this game does not exist in any other thread. No reference, whatsoever, should be made about other ongoing games. Ever. Not directly, not indirectly, not at all.

1. Be nicer to other people than they are to you. Attack the play not the player.
1a. Assume good faith for replace-outs. Players can cancel a replace-out if a replacement has not yet been found. Players can replace-back-in if they have not been dead threaded for the same slot, unless you were force replaced. If you replace out, please do not comment directly or indirectly about the game in other sections of the site including the queue and/or your signature. This falls into the broad umbrella of "outside influence."
1b. Please do not ask other players to replace out, discourage them from playing the game, or otherwise create a hostile gaming environment.
1c. Sexual innuendo toward other players will result in a moderator warning.
2. Play to win.
2a. You must read your role pm, and confirm that you understand your role.
2b. Do not state, whether honest or false, that you have not read your role pm in-thread. If I somehow forget to send you a role pm or send you multiple role pms, please contact me by pm.
2c. You can claim scum, and you can claim scum with someone else provided that the moderator can reasonably suspect non-malicious motives behind such.
2d. Scum can night kill their teammates, but I must see evidence that such a move is not game-throwing.
3. Avoid using the plain spoiler (blackout tag). Use spoiler= instead! This is wrong.
4. Please use spoiler tags when posting large videos or animated GIFs.
4a. Gifs this size are ok, any larger should be spoilered:
i.e. gifs this size should be spoilered:

5. Cryptography and other forms of codes are generally not allowed. Breadcrumbs are generally okay.
6. Constant off-topic posting will not be tolerated.
7. Provable randomness is strongly discouraged. In particular, do not use the dice tag.
8. Hydras -- While I will not be issuing moderator warnings, please do try to keep hydra slips to a minimum. You are welcome to post an ego post on your main. Please try to sign your posts.
9. Please try to make the game at least relatively mobile friendly. On that note, please try not to quote large chunks of embedded quote chains for short replies--if you are really just referring to the last thing someone said, just say @playername and then reply rather than quoting a large quote chain for another short reply.

1. Do not attempt to impersonate the moderator. Purple is my color, but you may use it as long as you are not attempting to impersonate me with it. Note I don't actually edit in replies all that often. I also often just write replies using black text.
2. Do not edit or delete your post if for some reason you have the ability to do so. This includes the mafia discord server.
3. Do not attempt to get the moderator to influence the game. This rule does not refer to day abilities, if any exist, that are stated in your role PM. Please refrain from asking too many questions of the moderator about roleclaims unless absolutely necessary.
4a. PM me regarding VC related questions; V/LA can be declared in thread.
4b. Do not discuss any disciplinary actions that the moderator takes in-thread.
5. Trust tells are prohibited.
5a. Do not replace out in such a manner as to confirm your alignment.
6. Do not quote or copy-paste moderator communications and other forms of private communications.
6a. Post links to anything except the main thread, timestamps, and read statuses should never be referenced in the game thread. Access list numbers in private topics are also covered by this rule.
6b. You may directly copy-paste unflavored night action results (usually in bold) as well as your alignment, flip role, and effective role from your role pm, but do not directly quote them.
6c. Scum may quote result pm's and role pm's in their scum PT. The same applies for any other mod-confirmed same-faction PT.
6d. Do not quote your hydra PT in the game thread or include embedded links to your hydra PT in the game thread.
7. No Bah! posts. When you dead you dead, no talkie in game thread.

1. Follow the spirit of the rules.
1a. Do not attempt to find loopholes in the ruleset.
1b. While the moderator will generally assume good-faith, action can be taken against inadvertent rule breaks if deemed necessary.
2. All PTs will be released within 24 hours of the game's conclusion. Players in any thread except the Dead PT may request redactions at any time before I release the PT. The dead thread is released immediately on the conclusion of the game.
3. The moderator reserves the right to update this ruleset as necessary. New items will be underlined, and deleted items will be striked through. (Note: The markup on this line is an example.)

Setup-Specific Rules
Activity and Deadline Rules

1. Day one lasts 10 days, other day phases will last 8 days. Nights last 48 hours. (After day 4, I reserve the right to shorten the length of the dayphase)
2. Nights may be extended if a replacement is needed. There will be a minimum of 24 hours between the time a replacement is found and when night actions are due.
3. You will be prodded after 48 hours of inactivity; this does not change on weekends. All prods should be responded to in-thread unless the thread is locked in which case pm is acceptable.
4. 2 prod dodges are equivalent to a single prod. If you are prodded again from prod-dodging, you may not prod dodge. Prodges must still include some game content: "Krazy is still scum", "Krazy is still town," and "I like this wagon" are good enough for a prodge. While a subjective rule, prod dodges are objectively defined as posts that consist of little or no content related to the game with the sole purpose of avoiding prodding. Minimum content is not defined here as to mitigate abuse, but do realize that this rule is applied as objectively as possible.
5. V/LAs should generally be announced in-thread, not by pm. You should also set V/LA in the User CP to make sure I do not forget.
6. If you have regular weekend V/LA, it is your reponsibility to either inform me at the end of each week or to remember to set V/LA status.
7. V/LA players must post at least once every 96 hours. Excessively long V/LAs (14 days or longer) may have stricter requirements imposed on them.
8. I reserve the right to warn and replace players whom I believe are exploiting loopholes in the activity rules. Please note that players are expected to do more than the bare minimum as outlined by these prodding rules. I reserve the right to warn and/or replace players whom I believe are exploiting loopholes in the activity rules, or are otherwise not treating the game as the commitment they signed up for.Regardless of whether or not you actually post, you are expected to be reading the game to the best of your ability at all times.
8a. Do not state that you have not been reading the game.

Voting, Lynching, and Twilight Rules
  1. To vote, use Vote: Player or VOTE: Player.
  2. To unvote, use Unvote: Player or UNVOTE: Player.
  3. You do not have to unvote to change votes. Furthermore, I will only track the last *valid* vote in your post. Vote Conspiracy will not change your existing vote.
  4. Player abbreviations are allowed, although it must be *obvious* who your abbreviation refers to.
  5. Hammer occurs when votes equal to half of all living players (rounded down) plus one cast a vote against the same player (or No Lynch). All votes after a hammer will not be counted, and the hammered player is the one who will flip. The time following a hammer is Twilight, and all players may continue talking.
  6. No lynch will occur if deadline is reached without a hammer.

Setup Details
Unless otherwise specified, mafia may not perform a kill and use an active ability at the same time.

The exception to this is movement actions. All power roles that can move can move and perform their night action simultaneously, including the mafia factional kill.

(these rules mostly borrowed from Ircher)
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Night Phase Resolution

Night phase will have three resolution points.

"Night action resolution" -- this will resolve first and will involve usual NAR prioritization with the exception of movement abilities.

"Movement" -- all movement abilities will take place now. Movements will resolve *in the player list order from the start of that night* from top to bottom.

"Movement abilities" -- night actions that involve movement will take place after usual NAR and after the Movement phase.



1: Mafia A
2: Zergling B
3: Zergling C
4: Zergling D

Submitted Night Actions
Mafia A in slot 1 opts to kill Zergling C and then move down 2 slots.
Zergling B moves up two slots.
Zergling C moves up two slots.
Zergling D moves up two slots.

The kill takes place first, so Zergling C dies.
NAR ends.

List now reads:
1: Mafia A
2: Zergling B
3: Zergling D

Movement begins

Mafia A moves down 2
List now reads:
1: Zergling B
2: Zergling D
3: Mafia A

Zergling B moves up two slots, but is already at the top of the list, so no change.

Zergling D moves up two slots, resolution:
1: Zergling D
2: Zergling B
3: Mafia A
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At daybreak, I may include flavor text (depending on my availability and schedule). Everyone has flavor. This is a theme game. You are not explicitly prohibited from speculating about flavor text, although, to be clear, a lot of the narrative-style information in my flavor reveals will not be based on night action content.

Although this is "Starcraft Mafia: 2" this is not a confirmation that all flavor will be from Starcraft 2 -- flavor can come from vanilla, Brood War, or the novelizations/extra sources.


Flips will include kill flavor. Kill flavor will be distinctive to the role responsible for the kill. The mafia may have up to two different kill flavors, which may indicate which mafia role performed the night kill.

Flips will include the role PM with any "Informed" status content redacted and all PT links removed.

Level of MindF*ck:
The level of wifomy mindf*ck for town has been significantly reduced but is not at 0%

Hydras and Discord:
I will set up hydra PTs on discord at request


I have used Mathblade's vote counter before and liked it a lot, but using name variations that are not misspellings may cause me delays in updating the vote count. I may for any reason stop using the Mathblade vote counter and switch to conventional vote counting by hand.

The Online version of Mathblade's Vote Counter is ending this month. I will use the offline version in the short run but may also switch to a different scrubber for the convenience of schadd_ and mastina depending on how things go.

Possible Roles:
There will be no cults or alignment-changing roles in this game. There will be no lies to the players. This is not a bastard game.

Additional roles that will not be in any Starcraft Mafia game include: Beloved Princess, Governor, Jester, and Fruit Vendor

Roles that will not be in THIS game include: Lyncher, Godfather, Psychologist, Lightning Rod, Redirector, Witch, Arsonist, Serial Killer, Survivor, Lightning Rod, or Nexus.

Non-Normal Roles that CAN be in this game include:
Janitor, Bus Driver, Framer, Vanillaizer

This includes variations to these roles both in mechanics and flavor.

There also can be new roles that would not be on the roles list.
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1. Michael Scott (Auro + Volxen Hydra)
2. Shoshin the worst (the worst + Shoshin hydra)
3. Mewtaph
4. u r a person 2
5. AlmostChara (Almost50 + Chara Hydra)
6. Mephistophanes 39 (Nancy Drew 39 and Aristophanes hydra)
7. pinturucchio
8. nicorobin
9. ProFlavor (Flavor Leaf and profii hydra)
10. Kokichi Oma
11. Tibor and Lumia (brassherald and Gamma Emerald hydra)
12. alchemist21
13. Taly
14. Varsoon

Votecount 1.1

Not Voting (14): Shoshin the worst(0), Varsoon(0), Mephistophanes 39(0), Almost Chara(0), Michael Scott(0), Kokichi Oma(0), Tibor and Lumia(0), NicoRobin(0), Mewtaph(0), Alchemist21(0), ProFlavor(0), u r a person 2(0), pinturicchio(0), Taly(0)

With 14 alive it takes 8 to lynch.

Day 1 deadline is in (expired on 2019-01-16 22:05:05)

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11/14 confirmed

In 2499, Mar Sara was one of the first planets to be infested by the zerg when they appeared in the Koprulu sector. The zerg took a foothold in Backwater Station, and then began infesting the inhabitants of the planet. Soon they swept over the planet. But that was not the end of the story.

The zerg evolve, pushed on by the eternal will of the swarm. Each member of the swarm has purpose, has essence, has will. Whether it be the lowliest drone, harvesting minerals or the mighty brood lord, hovering in the sky, each part of the swarm moves with singular direction.

And then that will, that mind, senses an invader. Someone--something--has come to threaten the swarm.

The time has come. Embrace the glory that is your birthright.

Skitter writhes as she feels the zerg hivemind reach within. Once a terran civilian, now the hivemind of the zerg has infested her. She must serve. And she hears that voice.

Awaken my child.

The hive is under attack. Thankfully, she is surrounded by friends... Nauci, Irrelephant... so many familiar faces, now embraced by the heart of the swarm. Her hands, now replaced by claws, stretch out.

For the swarm.
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In post 5, Krazy wrote:

mmmbbbwaaaaaahahh wreooononaaawh (jun jun jun jun jun) bwhaaaaahaaaaaa bbweooooowwwwwww (jun jun jun jun jun)

bwaooowww nrrreeoown nrwoaaaawwhhh (bweooo) bwooaaaaww nrnnrnnnweeowo nrawaahmwuuuuwwwwww

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Day one begins
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VOTE: Tibor and Lumia
I know you just came back and all brass but unfortunately.... now you must die
hydra of Shoshin & the worst!

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Wow that was a fast confirmation phase.

VOTE: Michael Scott because The Office is not a personality trait.

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A ghost of Arcturus Mengsk takes a brief stroll through the hive, then vanishes, never to be seen or heard from again.

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For the swarm, and for Sparta!!!1!!one!

VOTE: Shoshin the worst they have no swarm swag in their hearts

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I'm going to bed, but I also am here :)
Half meme, Half real, All Aristophanes ;) - Jingle
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Ari has appeared way too competent for me to even pretend to know what they're thinking
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Oh Ari's actually playing this game. I'm used to seeing him as a mod. This'll be fun!

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I'm informed that scum has at least one ground role.

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Post Post #16  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:52 am

Town shouldn't claim ground/air
Chances are that scum abilities can only affect one or the other
Same with position in the list

Anyway that's all on mechanics.
VOTE: Alchemist21

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Post Post #17  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:54 am

In post 14, Alchemist21 wrote:Oh Ari's actually playing this game. I'm used to seeing him as a mod. This'll be fun!
I play my share of games! Just check my wiki for my dismal record XD
Nice to see you :)

In post 15, Varsoon wrote:I'm informed that scum has at least one ground role.
This is usegul knowledge! Probably.

Mephistophanes 39
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And I guess we're supposed to sign posts so...

- Obvistophanes

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Post Post #19  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:55 am

I'd appreciate it if hydras signed their posts.

@Mephistophanes: It means that town roles that affect ground units aren't completely useless against scum, at least.
It also means that if we eliminate a bunch of air-based scum, we've a higher chance of having a ground-based scum left, for whatever that may be worth.

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Post Post #20  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:56 am

I'm only in one other game and this one is smaller this go-round (at least I think) so this should be a bit easier for me to engage and keep up with.

Shoshin the worst
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Post Post #21  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:16 am

That is good to know. Thanks Vars--looking forward to playing with you again.
hydra of Shoshin & the worst!

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Hoping to do better this time. We'll see?

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Post Post #23  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:23 am

@Krazy: I think it's really cool that you emulated the notion of a 'map' and 'terrain' with position in the playerlist--that's a really innovative and flavorful use of mechanics and I'm really excited to play this game because of it. Zone control is such a big part of Star Craft play so it's neat to see that in the mechanics so literally and, in a way, seamlessly.

Kokichi Oma
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Post Post #24  (ISO)  » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:24 am

i claim IC
How do you expect to find the culprit when you're all worried about each other's feelings? If you're planning to expose a liar, then you have to corner them psychologically.

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