Rule Regarding Threats/Demands to Replace Out of Games

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We have added a rule to the Game Specific Rules to read:

Replacements, while sometimes necessary, also serve as an outside influence. As such, do not tell other players to replace out. Do not publicly threaten to replace out of a game. If you do need to replace out, do not publicly discuss your reasons or anything else, as you are no longer a player in the game. PM your game moderator if you are considering replacing out or have concerns and believe another player should be replaced out.

Replacements are a necessary but unfortunate part of mafia. But as time has gone on, we've seen more and more players using the threat of replacement as a way of manipulating the game state. In addition to being an outside influence, it creates a negative game atmosphere where players have to decide whether to try to placate someone threatening to replace out in order to keep the game intact or not.

Additionally, it is detrimental to the game's atmosphere to demand others replace out, particularly if it's not on the basis of activity but rather player expectations of how a player should play the game. If you have a problem with another player such that they need to replace out, bring it up with the game moderator privately.

To be clear, replacing out is still acceptable. But if you wish to replace out, talk to the game mod rather than threaten to do so within the game. As this is a new rule, expect enforcement to start with increasing awareness before moving to more severe punishments. But the rule is currently operative, so expect to be "called out" on the behavior going forward.

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