Discussion of Ongoing Mafia Games is Not Allowed

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Discussion of Ongoing Mafia Games is Not Allowed

Recently we have had a spate of people discussing ongoing games. Though this has led to a record number of ongoing game bans, there may be a perception that there is some wiggle room when it comes to discussing ongoing games. This post is to tell you that there is not.

It does not matter if you are dead.
It does not matter if you don't think it will affect a game.
It does not matter if you aren't in the game.
It does not matter if you are posting about a game taking place on another forum or posting about an MS game on another forum.
It does not matter if you are moderating the game in question.

Discussing ongoing games by quoting or otherwise referring to an ongoing game is forbidden. There is no clever way around this rule. Don't try.

If you are unsure whether something violates the rule against discussing ongoing games, please don't hesitate to contact a listmod.


Discussing ongoing games may result in a full game ban. This will mean that you are force replaced out of all your games, and you will not be allowed to replace back into them at the end of your ban. Further bans will be far harsher, including and up to a permanent ban from the site.

Game Moderators: Take IMMEDIATE action.

Game moderators are expected to step in and take immediate action when players discuss ongoing games in the game thread -- at least a public warning in the thread not to discuss ongoing games. This is not optional for the game moderator. You may not, as a game moderator, allow people to discuss ongoing games in your thread unless the other game allows for it explicitly in the rules.


There are three primary exceptions.

Communications with authorities
You may PM, IM or otherwise contact the game mod(s), listmods who aren't involved in the game, and admins who aren't in the game. Likewise, listmods and admins will sometimes discuss ongoing games for administrative purposes.

The Game Allows Outside Communication
Where a game allows communication, it may be allowed. This must be EXPLICITLY stated in the rules (and as a listmod, we'd appreciate it if game mods would give us a heads up when this is the case).

Please note that a game mod may allow communications about his or her OWN game to be discussed elsewhere, but he or she may NOT allow discussion of other ongoing games in their thread.

Discussions about Activity
Players may discuss activity in other games in a general sense, including counting how many games a player is alive in. However, this may not mention ANYTHING of substance.

OKAY: "Zoraster is alive in 4 games and is posting in those games, but he hasn't posted here in 3 days."
NOT OKAY: "Zoraster is alive in 4 games where he's posting lengthy posts." <The violation here is mentioning that the posts are LONG. This is a substantive statement.>
OKAY: "I'm alive in 3 games, and I'm having trouble keeping up with all of them."
NOT OKAY: "I'm in LYLO in a game, so that's taking a lot of my time." <The violation here is mentioning that you're in LYLO. This is a substantive statement.>


This isn't a hard rule to stay on the right side of the line on. The listmods would like to never have to take action again. Please don't try and toe the line on ongoing games.

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