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Please note that while this rules post is up-to-date, we intend to redo many of the rules to be clearer and more precise. Until that time, please also make sure to read This thread on Mafiascum Policy

Table of Contents
Game Specific Rules
Universal Site Rules
General Site Rules
Site Chat Rules

All Rules are Subject to Change.

Game Specific Rules

Mafia RulesBreaking rules, not posting, or certain other behavior may result in a modkill or replacement in affected games; rules regarding this should be (and generally are) included up front by the Game Moderator. Some rules apply to most games, and should be assumed to hold unless the Game Moderator explicitly says otherwise. These are:

  1. Do not attempt to play the same game under more than one name.
  2. Players have a duty to report to game moderators and/or list moderators when they have acquired information that other players could not reasonably have acquired, even if this information came from a game moderator or other player's mistake.
  3. Do not bring outside influences into the game - this includes threats, bribes, wagers, promises, "trust tells", alliances, etc. Using knowledge from previous games is perfectly acceptable, but try not to carry grudges from one game to another.
  4. Replacements, while sometimes necessary, also serve as an outside influence. As such, do not tell other players to replace out. Do not publicly threaten to replace out of a game. If you do need to replace out, do not publicly discuss your reasons or anything else, as you are no longer a player in the game. PM your game moderator if you are considering replacing out or have concerns and believe another player should be replaced out.
  5. Once a replace-out request has been made public by the moderator, the player replacing out is to stop posting in the game. The player is not allowed to replace back into the game or rescind their request. If a moderator wants to allow any deviation from these rules, it must be stated explicitly in their rule set.
  6. Do not talk outside the game thread about an ongoing game except where explicitly allowed to do so by your role/moderator. Likewise, do not use bbcode to hide secret messages - this equates to discussion outside the thread. For more information on this, please see this post.
  7. Do not edit/delete posts.
  8. Do not quote communications with the moderator (in particular, your role PM). Paraphrasing is usually ok.
  9. Do not post in the game after you are dead or replaced. Some moderators do allow contentless "Bah!" posts, but you should never reveal information once you are dead.
  10. Play to win the game.
  11. Since Mafia is based largely on conflict and psychological manipulation, we are somewhat more tolerant of aggressive and heated posts in-game than in the rest of the forums. However, game mods will often take action for excessively abusive behavior or slurs, up to and including a force-replacement or modkill. In certain cases, posters with multiple or severe offenses may receive site-wide punishments from the list moderators, such as temporary or permanent bans from joining or playing games. Please refer to the most recent pages of the Ban/Restrictions Announcements thread for an idea of what behavior crosses the line.
  12. Use of scripts or other devices to functionally ignore the presence and posts of another player in a game is not allowed.
  13. For many years, the word “lynch” was used to describe the person who was voted out by town in a mafia game. We no longer allow this word to be used by game moderators, and we discourage its use by players.
  14. Off-site games that are organized in an official manner (e.g. Large Social Games hosted on zetaboards) are subject to on-site rules.

All disputes regarding an ongoing game should be taken to the moderator of the game by PM.

Game Moderators should never modkill or replace over personal issues; instead, they should follow the rules set at the beginning of the game. If you feel the Game Moderator is being unreasonable, you may contact the appropriate List Mod or a site administrator.

In some cases, actions taken with the intent of ruining a game may result in further action against the user, such as a limitation on the number of games that user can play, or a temporary or permanent ban. Any player that is force-replaced for breaking site rules may not "replace back in" to those games after the ban is over.

Universal Site Rules
The following will not be tolerated anywhere on the site.

Universal Site RulesProhibited Actions
  1. Spam and Advertisement - Unsolicited messages with the intent to sell something or mislead users. This includes unsolicited links to other Mafia-specific sites. Threads and series of posts that are no or low content may also be considered spam.
  2. Copyright Infringement - The use of some copyright material is acceptable under fair use. Do not link to or provide pirated media (copyrighted video, music, etc.) without the permission of the copyright holder.
  3. Malware
  4. Anything Else Illegal
  5. Posting information about a user without their permission, or any contact details posted about a minor without their guardian's permission
  6. Posting particularly gory or otherwise disturbing images (at the discretion of the forum moderators) - Links to such material should include an appropriate warning (NSFW, for example) and should be spoilered.
  7. Posting or requesting sexually explicit pictures. Please see this post for more.
  8. Requesting sexually explicit pictures from other users
  9. Embedded images should be from a reputable source. If you are unsure, copy the image and reupload it to a trusted image hosting site such as tinypic, imgur, imageshack etc. Users are accountable for hotlinks that trigger malware warnings.
  10. Hiding your identity from the site administrators and moderators acting in their official capacity. Users should register their alternate accounts ("alts") as alts (here for help), and they should not register with fake emails, exclusively use proxies, or use other methods to hide their identity. Doing so will be reason in itself to remove you from the site. See here for more information.
  11. Do not ask or give your password to another user unless the account has specifically been set up to act as a hydra (i.e. a joint account).
  12. Do not post on behalf of a banned player. This is considered an attempt to circumvent a ban.
  13. If you feel you have been punished unfairly, you may appeal to Zoraster via PM.

Prohibited Expression of Viewpoints
This is a site that has a wide range of views. Generally speaking, as long as those views are expressed without intending to offend another person, harass another person, and are put in a civil manner, they are permitted. However, there are certain views that no matter how civilly put are not permitted. Please keep in mind that we are largely a North American based site, and the views we choose to specifically name are largely picked due to our own experiences. The absence of any particular view is not an indication we find those views acceptable (a great number of viewpoints we find odious are not specifically listed).

Please additionally note that this is in addition to all other rules regarding offensive, abusive, derogatory, and harassing language.

  1. Identification with white supremacists, white nationalists, nazis, or other hate groups.
  2. Denial or revisionism of The Holocaust or other humans rights atrocities.
  3. Assertions of the superiority or inferiority on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender or disability.
  4. Advocating for systems such as slavery, Jim Crow, and apartheid.

General Site Rules

General Site Rules
Treat every user with a basic level of respect.

Basic Conduct
  1. Do not make any post or start any thread with the intent to insult or offend any other user on this site.
  2. Do not make any post or start any thread that abuses or harasses another user.
  3. Certain forums have a specific purpose (Mafia Discussion, Site Ideas, Help!, News). Users posting there have a higher standard of conduct expected of them.

Specific Conduct
  1. Derogatory language or slurs, including but not limited to language that is particularly offensive to a group of people (e.g. a race, gender, sexual orientation, disability), may be moderated depending on context. Using language or images that use race, gender, sexual orientation or disability to insult or offend is not permitted.
  2. Signatures and avatars will be held to a higher standard and must follow all rules. Thread titles will also be held to a higher standard.
  3. Post appropriately to the thread and the forum you are posting in. For example, do not troll or repeatedly post off topic posts in a serious thread. Do not post 'adult' content outside of the Speakeasy.
  4. Testing the boundaries of the rules to see what you can get away with will likely result in moderator action.
  5. Playing Mafia outside the Mafia Forums is prohibited.
  6. These rules apply to Site Chat and Discord as well, with the exception that Mafia may be played in Site Chat rooms other than the Lobby. Do not post 'adult' content in Site Chat.
  7. Users should make every effort to address people in accordance with their stated gender identity. Mistakes are natural, but unwillingness to try or do better will be construed as creating a hostile space for trans and non-binary users.
  8. Advocacy or the incitement of violence against others, even jokingly, is not allowed.
  9. Discussing or advocating the sexual depiction of minors in any context, including fictional, is prohibited. This restriction does not apply to discussion about victims of assault. We encourage content warnings and spoilers for such discussions.
  10. Any type of inappropriate contact between an adult and a minor (under 18 years old), including flirting, sexting, inviting them to a locked chatroom, etc. will result in severe action. Not being aware of a user's age is not an acceptable excuse for inappropriate contact with a minor.
  11. Any user that is made uncomfortable by another user's flirting or casual advances may ask another user to stop or ask a discussion moderator to ask another user to stop. If you are asked, you must do so.
  12. Another user breaking these rules does not justify breaking the rules yourself.
  13. Other content may be inappropriate and will be acted on at the discretion of the moderators.

Moderator Action
  1. If you feel someone has crossed the line with regards to these rules, use the Report button (the Image button found on the upper right-hand portion of each post and PM).
  2. Moderators will view all potential offenses both individually and within the context of other recent behavior. Posts that may not be individually over the line may be moderated when viewed as a whole.
  3. If you have an issue with a warning or ban given to you or another player, you are invited to start a dialogue with a Discussion Moderator by PM. Threads dedicated to bans (whether yours or someone else's) may be closed.
  4. Moderators will generally escalate their punishments the more a user violates rules. However, certain actions may be severe enough to warrant immediate harsher punishment.
  5. If you believe a moderator is abusing their power, you may PM Kison, Zoraster directly, but you should only do so after you have attempted to discuss the matter with the moderator in question by PM. If after speaking to the discussion moderator and Kison or Zoraster, you feel that you have still been treated unfairly, you may discuss it with mith.

Site Chat Specific Rules
These rules largely apply to the Lobby of Site Chat, but they may also be applied to other parts of Site Chat.

Site ChatPreface
The Lobby of Site Chat differs from other parts of the site in that it is (a) immediate and (b) read by all. Any subject being discussed by a user is read by everyone. There is very little way to use Site Chat and not engage with whatever is being discussed in the Lobby. Therefore, Site Chat may be more closely monitored and moderated than other parts of the site.

Discussion Rules Generally Apply
Generally speaking, the rules found in the General Site Rules are applicable to Site Chat.

Adult Topics
  1. 18+ sexual content is prohibited from the Site Chat Lobby. Casual mentions are allowed, but please keep detailed explicit discussion in the The Speakeasy
  2. Do not post links to pornography.
  3. Discussions about drugs and alcohol are permitted.
  4. Discussions about how to accomplish illegal activity related to drugs and alcohol are not permitted.
  5. Any type of inappropriate contact between an adult and a minor (under 18 years old), including flirting, sexting, inviting them to a locked chatroom, etc. will result in severe action. Not being aware of a user's age is not an acceptable excuse for inappropriate contact with a minor.
  6. Any user that is made uncomfortable by another user's flirting or casual advances may ask another user to stop or ask a site chat moderator/discussion moderator to ask another user to stop. If you are asked, you must do so.

Speakeasy and Get to Know A Scummer Content
  1. The Speakeasy and GTKAS forums are designed to be semi-private and are not listed in search engines. Do not share personally identifying information found from either of these forums in Site Chat. This includes name and photos. When in doubt, ask the person you’re talking about privately first.
  2. Sharing links and discussing The Speakeasy/GTKAS generally are both acceptable.
  3. Please understand that The Speakeasy and GTKAS are very limited in the protection they provide and generally the Site Chat Moderators and Discussion Moderators do not exist to stop rumors, stories, etc. that originated in The Speakeasy/GTKAS.

Other Site Chat Rules
  1. Do not flood the chat.
  2. Site Chat Moderators and Discussion Moderator decisions stand. If you are asked to stop doing something, you must do so. If you have a problem with what has occurred, bring it to Papa Zito or Zoraster’s attention. The punishment for ignoring Site Chat Moderator and Discussion Moderator decisions may be more severe than the initial infractions.


AppealsIf you feel you have been incorrectly banned, please read this thread and then PM Zoraster. Indefinite bans may be appealed after one year.
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Hi, everyone.

I wrote this a while back, but I feel it is particularly appropriate today. So.

This is a privately owned website.

It has a list of rules and guidelines. I didn't want this list. I wanted users to act reasonably without requiring such a list. Instead, a small percentage of our users decided they would rather act like complete idiots - flaming, trolling, spamming, often with no other purpose than to push the line and annoy me personally.

So, we have rules. They weren't abritrarily thrown together. They were worded based on issues that had already come up, and issues that might come up. There's even a nifty clause that says, to paraphrase:

"No list of rules can possibly be complete. There are situations that will come up, which were either omitted because no one thought of them beforehand, or because I just thought no one could possibly be so stupid as to think something could possibly be acceptable, and mith reserves the right to take action as necessary."

This is not a democracy. This is not a site governed entirely by a list of rules, carved in stone and passed down from generation to generation. It is - once again - a privately owned site. When I send someone a warning, it is not an invitation to berate me or anyone else, nor tell me that I don't have the right, the justification to send such a warning. I am a reasonable guy - if you disagree with a warning you receive, you are more than welcome to discuss it in a reasonable manner. But if the only justification you can come up with for your behavior is a perceived loophole - if you don't believe your action was ok in spirit, only by some sort of legal technicality - don't expect me to be moved by your arguments.

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