2015-2016 Financial Summary

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In post 12, mith wrote:I haven't done one of these in a while, in part because the cards have taken so long to get going. Since they are finally starting to ship, here's what the 2016 YTD looks like:

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2016-01-01 to 2016-10-24 Financial Summary

     Donations:  $ 430.00
   Paypal Fees: -$  13.67
   Domain Name: -$  25.02
   Server Cost: -$ 990.00

   2016YTD Net: -$ 521.31

2016-10-25 to 2016-12-31 Expected Costs

   Server Cost: -$ 198.00

(Second half of 2015 was comparable - donations covering about half of our server cost.)

I expect to cover some (but not all) of that with card sales; the estimate for printing was very close (about $940, including shipping and the sample order), the estimate for shipping from here may be a bit low but that should be offset with the additional decks I ordered.

If you missed out on the cards (or were waiting until they were actually printed and shipping, and who can blame you?), I ordered about 25 extra decks and will be reopening the order form for that sometime this week (so keep an eye on the card thread in Mafia Discussion). Otherwise, you can donate by clicking the link, if you are so inclined:

Donate Here

(We are also going to be looking into reducing the server cost in the nearish future; Kison has already discussed some options with me.)

Mith: would it be financially helpful if I wanted to place a really large order of decks? Now that a printer is found and they should have the necessary setup to do print runs, I would be interested in a large order, assuming it nets a higher margin for the site. If not, just drop me a PM and let me know it's not feasible. In case it factors into whether or not this is a feasible thing, the reason I'd like to place a large order is connections to the local gaming shops who have already said they would love this sort of product to demo and sell.
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