Haunted Mansion: Statistics and "Map"

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(For All The Lazy Asses)

--You will get a role aligned to either: A ghost Team, Priest Team, Innocents or Other. Each role could have a specific set of objectives to meet outside of the overall objective (this is mostly for innocents) The overall objectives are as Follows: Ghosts- Kill off all Non-Ghosts, Priests- Kill off all those whose existence is a blasphemy to god, Innocents- Survive until no one is after your life (this can be done by running and hiding or taking matters into your own hands and killing them before they get you).

-- There are Two phases: moving (where you can move to an area) and Bloodbath (where you can preform action)

Moving Phase
-- During this phase you can move to any area as many times as you want within the time limit.

Bloodbath Phase
-- You can preform 1 action (Attack, Defend, Search, Use Ability, Use Item, Hide)

-- Are given to you at the beginning or gained as the game progresses.

-- Are given to you at the beginning or found as the game progresses.

-- There are no more Hit Point Values. Your Condition Will be updated on the condition page (it will be more detailed). If your heart rate is too high you may die of a heart attack, if you lose to much blood you'll die, ect.

More Specific is Below.


The Number of each depends on how many sign up.

The Objectives below are only general objectives (Players May Have objectives other then those show or modified objectives.)

You are trapped, you move around and try to stay alive, you win when there are no other players after your life. Innocents may receive personalities that have other objectives or give them items and abilities.

- You Must Exorcise all the ghosts. You win when all blasphemy to God are dead. Priests receive Items and Abilities.

- Kill off all the strange visitors. You win when only ghosts remain. Ghosts receive abilities and items.

- ???? ????? ??? ??????, ???????. ???? ?????


There are two phases of the game: Movement and Bloodbath.

-In movement phase you chose a room in the house (# of rooms also depends on sign ups) to move to and move to that room. You may stay in the room you are in. Moves are made inside the thread, you may change rooms as many times as you want within the time limit. If you do not post or PM in that time then you will stay in the same room.

-When all movements are in, players with a choice PM them to me. You are only allowed to use one choice a turn (unless otherwise stated in some unforeseen incident).


You choose a weapon in your arsenal and a person in your area to attack.

You choose an item in your possession to defend yourself with (any item will do, some items revel a special ability if used in defense and others will break)

Use Item-
Use an item you are carrying.

Use Ability-
Use an ability you have.

Press, Move, touch X-
Preform an action to a suspicious looking item in a Area. (Such as a book that may be a switch to another area) YOu need knowledge of the suspicious thing before preforming an action.

- Search the room for items or switches (could accidentally trigger a booby trap). You may also search a specific part of the area that is described in the area description (this may or may not be use depending on sign ups)

Do nothing.


Are used on other players.

They can do anything and everything. Abilities can be learned.


Items can be found in a room when searching for them. Items do various things.
Item Types:
Can be used to attack (and defend)

Help your defense and other things.

Eat or drink this.

Can be read.

Follows you around, listens to your commands among other things.... (This item can't be used for the DEFEND choice, though it may be able to defend you).

Like a pet but doesn't listen to your commands. (like a parasite for example)

: Who knows what these do....

Switches and Suspicious Looking Items:

You find there while searching (they may also be in the area description). They do various things and can be almost anything. If you find one, screw with it at your own risk.


Next to your name in player statistics will show your:

Any visible wounds you may have. Whether or not you look exhausted, ect.

Heart Rate:
How scared your are and how close to having a heart attack you are

: How Sane You are
Blood Remaining: How much blood you have left

: Whether or not you have any disease (some transmutable) or infections.


Stay in the area they were killed in (they may be moved around though). Loot them at your own risk.

Corpses (and players) may be revived.


-If a person in the same room as you uses an item you see the item they used (I will PM who used an Item and what Item it was).

-I want to try to make this a quick moving game so I will constantly be updating and prodding in thread.

-You will not know what happens in any room but your own (player health and descriptions will be updated so you can probably take a guess).

If you feel I am missing anything Feel free to PM me.

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