NY 189 - Flower Viewing Festival [~fin~]

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NY 189 - Flower Viewing Festival [~fin~]

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NY 189 - Nyctapolis II: Flower Viewing Festival

Moderated by: pieguyn
Reviewed by: mastin2, N, Natirasha

Sometime in the town called Nyctapolis, plans were made to hold a magnificent flower viewing festival ... one that would surpass any other flower viewing festival held in the country before. Using the same type of magic she had previously devised to engulf the town in a silent, eternal night, the town founder had invented a way to make the most delicate flowers bloom in the harshest of environments. Even flowers that weren't native to their environment, which remained very cold at night.

With some effort, the town council was able to make it so. They selected a park near the edge of the town, going to far as to import trees from other countries. They lined the concrete paths with gorgeous paper lanterns, giving them a faint, soothing glow that would mirror the beauty of the flowers-to-be surrounding them.

However, fate did not allow such an occurrence.

"The tree is ... dying?"

The town founder eyed one of the trees, and spoke with a sense of urgency. Someone else on the committee spoke,

"What's going on?! The festival is in a week! We can't have problems like this occurring so close to the starting date. What will we do if the tree cannot be saved?"

A mischievous smile appeared on the town founder's face. The impending deadline was no problem for her. Or so it seemed ...


1. Bearbert D

2. Sakura Hana
3. Ricastle
4. Vedith

5. BananaCucho
6. AxleGreaser
7. tn5421
8. Spiffeh
9. ika**

10. I Am Innocent
11. Flubbernugget
12. Shazam*
13. DrippingGoofball

14. Slandaar
15. Shiro
16. MarioManiac4
17. Echo Echo*
18. Firebringer

19. Davsto


8. Spiffeh,
Vanilla Townie
, survived to win

13. DrippingGoofball,
Vanilla Townie
, survived to win

17. Echo Echo,
Vanilla Townie
, survived to win


16. MarioManiac4,
Vanilla Townie
, was lynched D1

5. BananaCucho,
Town Mason
, was killed N1

14. Slandaar,
Vanilla Townie
, was killed N1

7. tn5421,
Mafia Goon
, was lynched D2

10. I Am Innocent,
Town Gunsmith
, was killed N2

11. Flubbernugget,
Vanilla Townie
, was lynched D3

15. Shiro,
Town Flower Vendor
, was killed N3

18. Firebringer,
Mafia Goon
, was lynched D4

4. Vedith,
Town 2-shot Vigilante
, was killed N4

1. Bearbert D,
Vanilla Townie
, was lynched D5

3. Ricastle,
Town Mason
, was killed N5

19. Davsto,
Vanilla Townie
, was lynched D6

9. ika,
Town Mason
, was killed N6

12. Shazam,
Mafia Goon
, was lynched D7

6. AxleGreaser,
Vanilla Townie
, was killed N7

2. Sakura Hana,
Mafia Doctor
, was lynched D8


D1 start - ika replaces VeeGee - N1 start
D2 start - N2 start - Firebringer replaces Aeronaut
D3 start - N3 start
D4 start - Bearbert D replaces pisskop - Vedith replaces Salamence20 - N4 start
D5 start - N5 start
D6 start - N6 start - DrippingGoofball replaces Fro99er
D7 start - N7 start
D8 start - fin
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(stole from borkjerfkin who adapted them from Quadz08)


  1. Site-wide rules, as always, apply here.
  2. I reserve the right to change any of the following rules at any time. I will also inform the players in thread and via PM in the unlikely scenario in which this is required.
  3. This list is not necessarily all-inclusive. If you're unsure whether or not something is allowed, please PM me about it.
  4. Disregarding the rules may result in consequences up to and including modkill and/or force-replacement.
  5. If you need to talk to me in thread,
    please use bold.
    Additionally, feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.
    I've been seeing this happen in a lot of games recently. Don't do it -- it can ruin not only this game for others, but also other games. I won't be lenient about this rule in particular.
  7. Please do not use hidden or encrypted text.
  8. Play to win.
  9. Please treat your fellow players with respect. At the same time, please try not to take comments personally whenever possible.
  10. Please allow for your fellow players to go V/LA.
  11. Please keep me in the loop about your own V/LA status.
  12. My color is scarlet. Avoid using it, or face Remilia's wrath :>

  13. Have Fun!


  1. The following vote formats are the de-facto standard on the site (aka votes should be enclosed with vote tags or bold tags. I don't care about caps/spelling/etc.)
    • VOTE: pieguyn
    • Vote: pieguyn

  2. Unvotes are
  3. If it appears to be a vote for a player, I will treat it as a vote for a player. Please don't attempt to fool me or other players with regard to fake votes. Do not put votes in spoiler tags.
  4. A lynch is achieved when half plus one of the current number of living players are voting for the same player. If this does not occur by deadline, a No Lynch will occur -- there is no plurality lynch in this game.
  5. Twilight is the time between the 'hammer' vote being cast and the beginning of the night phase. All living players, including the most recent lynchee, may talk during this time.
  6. Players' alignments will be revealed on death.
  7. When killed, a player may make one informationless 'bah' post at the beginning of the next day phase and must be silent thereon until the conclusion of the game.
  8. Please submit all night actions either via
    tags in your private topic if you have one, or by PM if you do not.
  9. If you have a night action and do not submit one, you will not take an action. I will not resolve your action on a random person.
  10. Role distribution is guaranteed to be random, determined with the aid of random.org


  1. Days will be exactly
    FIVE DAYS (120 hours)
    long. You better not be surprised by this, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up. ~
  2. Nights will be exactly one day (24 hours) long.
  3. Players will be prodded after 24 hours of inactivity during the day, excepting V/LA circumstances.
  4. Failure to pick up a prod in 24 hours, or receiving 3 prods over the course of the game, will result in replacement. Asking for replacement will result in replacement.